Finally: a cheatsheet for OpenLayers 2.7

The cheatsheet for OpenLayers

The cheatsheet for OpenLayers

Since FOSSGIS 2009 is over, I now have the time to announce version 0.1 of a cheatsheet for OpenLayers (version 2.7).

The cheatsheet was compiled by Dennis – a collegue of mine at terrestris – and me. For now there is only a PDF-version available, but we plan to have the cheatsheet released as HTML as well. The PDF-version should look great when printed out – the HTML version should enable you to copy and paste important parts directly from the cheatsheet into your own OpenLayers application.

As for now we only cover very basic parts of OpenLayers: The Map-object, the Layer-object and the Control-object. All of these have certain common methods and properties listed and should help you to get a very quick grasp of the object in case. Additionally we put in the obvious “Hello-World”-example… in this particular case more or less litarally.

The cheatsheet is not an official part of the OpenLayers project or its documentation but is released under the same free license. Both Dennis and I myself are glad that our company terrestris hosts the document on their site.

This is an early version. There might be wrong information in the cheatsheet. Do not hesitate to contact us and comment on the document. Our adresses should be easy to spot in the pdf-file.


9 Responses to “Finally: a cheatsheet for OpenLayers 2.7”

  1. Anti-sèche pour OpenLayers 2.7 « neogeo Says:

    […] Une bonne idée pour ne jamais être pris de court. […]

  2. Till Adams Says:

    well done!

    See you, Till

  3. concuore Says:

    Nice work!
    Very useful, please keep on.

    Hope your journey back from fossgis was ok.


    • selectoid Says:

      @Thomas: Thanks for the compliments. I had a very nice trip home in an overfull ICE for about 3 hours. Traveling on a seat is definitely overrated. 🙂

  4. Martin Says:

    sweet! thanx 😉

  5. Open Layers Cheatsheet | terrestris - WebGIS im Intra-/Internet, DesktopGIS sowie Geodatenmanagement mit freier und OpenSource-Software Says:

    […] bereits am 19. März von selectoid (dem Alter Ego von Marc Jansen) auf seinem privaten Blog bekannt gegeben wurde, kann man sich von der Firmenseite von terrestris das OpenLayers-Cheatsheet […]

  6. Leigh Hunt Says:

    Many thanks for this – cool resource!

    I noticed a small typo – OpenLayers.Layer.resulutions should be resolutions.


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